FINAL ROUND 4/29-5/31

Space Invaders Butt Stuff Panel - FOREVER PREORDER

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THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PREORDER PANEL - by purchasing this listing you agree that you've read and agreed to our shop polices.  Preorder fabric is expected to be in hand and out to customers 10-14 weeks from the round closing date.  Please do not order if you are not able to wait the 10-14 weeks for production/packaging/shipping.  Please check our Facebook group for any status updates.

Choose between:

Cotton Lycra: 230-260 gsm, 95/5

Woven: 145-150 gsm, 100% Cotton

Canvas: 200-220 gsm 

Bamboo Lycra: 220-240 gsm

Bamboo French Terry: 260-280 gsm

French Terry: 250-270 gsm

UV Rated Swim: 220 gsm, Poly/Spandex

Double Brushed Poly: 220-230 gsm

Minky: 220-230 gsm

Fluff Bomb: 290-320 gsm, 95/5

Athletic Poly Spandex: 270-290 gsm, 95/5

Bullet Poly Spandex: 230-240 gsm, 95/5

Textured Vinyl:


Panel Sizes:

Adult Plus 58"36"

Adult 29"x36" 

Youth 19"x24"

Baby 12"x14"


Panel Image Base Sizing:

Adult Image no wider than 12" for main panel image

Youth Image no wider than 8.5" for main panel image

Baby Image no wider than 5" for main panel image

These are base image sizes.  Images could be slightly larger or smaller depending on the design.


Flaws/imperfections are to be expected near the selvage area.

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