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***Minimum order for TNT Custom Printing Items is one yard.***

THIS IS A LISTING FOR CUSTOM PRINTED PANEL -  Preorder fabric has a 10-14 week production/shipping timeline. Please do not order unless you are able to wait 10-14 weeks to get your fabric in hand.  Please check the TNT Custom Printing Facebook group for ordering timelines.  Orders are usually placed 1 to 2 times a month. A detailed list will be available in the TNT Custom Printing Facebook group. Please check the ordering list for the timeframe in which your order will be sent to the printer.

Choose between:

Cotton Lycra knit fabric: 230-240 gsm

Woven: 140-150 gsm

100% Cotton Canvas:  280 gsm

Bamboo Lycra: 220-240 gsm

French Terry: 220-240 gsm

UV Rated 50+ Swim: 220 gsm

Double Brushed Poly: 220-230 gsm

Fluff Bomb : 350-380 gsm

Athletic Poly Lycra:

Leatherette (Faux Leather): Polyvinyl Chloride .05mm in thickness


Panel Sizes:

Adult Panel Size 29"x36" 

Youth Panel Size 19"x24"

Baby Panel Size 12"x14"


Panel Base Image Sizing:

Adult Image no larger than 12" wide

Youth Image no larger than 8.5" wide

Baby Image no larger than 5" wide


Flaws/imperfections are to be expected near the selvage area.

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