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Sewing Notions

Posted by Tasha Jo on

Hello again Twisted Needle Family!  It looks like you all are liking the blog, so we are going to make it a regular thing!  

I thought it would be fun to share a list of some of my favorite sewing notions.  It's very likely I will be using them during the weekly sewing tip posts, so this particular post will also serve as a reference guide.

Sewing Notions

1. Cutting Mat

2. Hot Hemmer

3. Iron

4. Seam Ripper

5. Point turner and seam creaser

6. Sewing Gauge

7. Wondertape

8. Clips

9. Scissors

Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is a great tool to have as it not only provides protection to your work surface, but also helps ensure your projects are laid out straight.  The grid lines are really handy for cutting out neckband and cuff pieces.  I typically use both scissors and a rotary cutter and the thickness of this mat works for either option.  This particular mat is an Olfa double sided mat (the reverse side is plain for general cutting) and measures 24 x 36.  

Hot Hemmer

This Clover Hot Hemmer allows you to measure, fold, and press hems in one step and is one of my favorite tools when sewing.   It is made from a heat resistant material so that you can press right on the ruler which saves me so much time.  I usually press my hem and then every few inches add a sewing clip to keep everything in place.  


I will admit I was so bad about ironing when I first started sewing.  I wanted to quickly finish my project so I could show it off and would often skip over pressing.  Thankfully I've changed my tune over the years.  Pressing is really helpful throughout the sewing process, whether you are pressing a seam flat, adding a memory hem, or getting rid of those pesky wrinkles, having a reliable iron is helpful.  

Seam Ripper

Ok truthfully not my favorite thing that have to use but as I'm sure you can relate, sometimes it is necessary.  More than once I've sewn a sleeve to a neckline (don't ask) and ripping out the stitches is needed.  Having a reliable seam ripper will make this frustrating step go a little faster so you can get back to sewing.

Point Turner and Seam Creaser

Hard to believe this little tool can do as much as it can but wow.  The pointed end is really great for getting those crisp and sharp corners on collars, lapels, waist ties, etc.  The tip isn't sharp so you don't run the risk of poking through your stitches.  I often use the rounded end to smooth out the curves in hoods.  The point turner is made from bamboo so you can also iron over it if needed.  This tool can also be used in place of 'finger pressing' and is great for getting seams flat.  I've even used it to help guide a bulky seam through my sewing machine.  Much safer than getting your finger too close to the needle.

Sewing Gauge

This handy little tool is great for marking spacing of pleats and buttonholes.  It has a sliding marker that stays in place to help keep those measurements accurate.  Although my hot hemmer has a ruler,I prefer to use the sewing gauge as it is made of metal and I don't have to worry about any traces of marker staying on it.

Wonder tape

I really can't say enough great things about wondertape.  This is my go-to notion when installing a zipper to keep everything lined up and in place.  It is double-sided and you can stitch right through it without fear of gumming up your needle.  It also washes away and doesn't leave behind any residue.  


I switched over to sewing clips about 3 years ago and haven't looked back.  They are much easier to keep track of and I no longer fear stepping on a sewing needle or poking my finger, OUCH!  They are great at holding together several layers of fabric.  The clips are also sewing machine and serger friendly as you don't have to worry about sewing over a needle.  


I mentioned earlier that I use both a rotary cutter and scissors.  Having a pair of sharp and quality shears in your sewing arsenal is important.  They make cutting fabric of various thickness much easier as well as trimming seams.  Trying to do either of those tasks with a pair of dull scissors can be quite frustrating.

I hope you found this list helpful.  Let us know about some of your go-to sewing tools. 

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