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Sewing Needle Guide

Posted by Tasha Jo on

With a company named Twisted Needle Textiles, we thought it only fitting to do a blog post on sewing needles.  You've spent money on these beautfiul custom fabrics, so make sure you are using the proper needle type and size for your project and fabric base.  Twisted Needle Textiles and Mini Me's by TNT offers fabric on several different bases.  See the chart below for the size/type needle recommended for different fabrics.

A quick note:  In most cases you can buy sewing needles and use them in your sewing machine, serger, and/or coverstitch.  However, some sergers and coverstitch machines require specific needles so be sure to consult your manual.

You might hear people refer to universal, ballpoint, or stretch sewing needles.  But what are the differences?  Here is a quick summary:


  • Regular or Universal – ideal for light to medium weight woven fabrics. The sharper point of this needle will go through, not around the fibers of woven fabric. Using a ball point needle on woven fabrics often results in skipped stitches.
  • Ball point – ideal for knit fabrics. The rounded tip on ball point needles means it passes between the fabric fibers versus piercing the fibers.  Using a universal needle on knit fabrics can result in holes from where the needle has pierced the fabric.
  • Stretch Needles – another option for knit fabrics and most commonly recommended for high stretch fabrics such as swimwear and activewear.


Sewing Needle Guide



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